Blue badge

Hi all,

Hope you are well this cold and damp November day.

Had my blue badge assessment this morning and should be an owner of one of these in 8-10 days time.

Feeling a wee bit deflated as its another pointer that I am disabled but I must admit it will be very handy.

Mags xx


Mags dont feel deflated its great you will have a tool to make your life better you will be able to park closer thus saving your energy for stuff you will enjoy.


PS do you like my Christmas Avitar?

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Hello Mags,

Getting my blue badge coincided with getting my DLA. I saw it more as a proper acknowledgement of the condition as I’d been struggling quite a lot at the time with work and looking after myself. It’s been invaluable for the 13 years I’ve had it even though the scheme does get abused by a very small minority. It has been especially helpful when I’ve used a car ferry.

Best wishes, Steve. (Don, it’s a lovely avatar, ha ha!)

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Mags, things like the Blue Badge are there for us; use it ŵithout fretting. Enjoy the benefits that others probably had to fight for.

Kev x


Hi Mags

Its just another tool to help make your life easier, that’s the way to think about it.

Pam x

id be lost qithout mine xxx

Congratulations on getting your blue badge approved, as the others have said, it’s a god send especially after you’ve done whatever it is you’ve parked up to do, knowing the car is going to be so much closer to you is a blessing. I have to open the car doors wide to get in, so just being able to access the bay’s in Waitrose is brilliant in its own right.

ps do you like my avatar ?

Good luck


Hi Robin, I felt exactly the same as you when I got mine. Its yet another public label but a very useful one to have the best bit for me is the disabled spaces are so much wider, I can now open my door completely to get my kaccy leg out without having to be a contortionist.

Pauline x

Hi All

Thanks for your replies. Yes it is going to be so handy and the space being bigger means I am going to be able to open the door wide in order to heave my bad leg in. At the moment my husband has to reverse the car out in order for me to get in and of course there is always an impatient driver behind you.

I don’t drive any more because I didn’t feel very safe (my choice).

Mags xx