Blood test results

Went to see the GP today and she said I had iron deficiency anaemia (I thought it was the same as anaemia but apparently not!) So my iron levels, red and white blood cells are all down.

My usual iron level is 39 and at the moment its 8. She did admit though that its unlikely to be the cause for most of my symptoms but hopefully my energy levels might go up a bit now im taking supplements.

Well let’s hope the supplements at least make you feel a little bit better xxx

My b12 was fine but she showed me the results and said my white cells were down as well as my red, I didn’t think to ask why.

Thinking about it I think she fobbed me off a bit. She said she would put the iron on repeat and wouldn’t need to see me again!

You are right though its really knocked me for 6 and with everything else I just want to crawl into a cave!