Blood results

Hi all
Just had results of FUll blood count and it shows Hb 11.0…WCC 15.3 platelets 547 and neutrophils 10.1.
I am on warfarin so presumed my platelets would be low not high…can anyone shed some light?

Sorry - I know nothing about bloods!

Karen x

Aw Karen I am disappointed lol…obviously I know about some but more related to pregnancy and that I am not!! There is a link between low B12 and ms yeah??
Am gonna check those levels too as don’t understand why platelets would be soooooo high…

Quite a lot of MSers have low B12 levels, but I don't know the figures and haven't looked into it in any detail. I do take a supplement on the basis that it probably won't hurt and just might do some good though - after all, B12 is supposed to be good for cell repair and we certainly need more than our fair share of that!

Karen x

Just been to doc now and they repeating FBC , thyroid function, B12 and serum ferritin levels…
Went to doc as was worried about tightness am having around my middle…feels tight and tender when I move or laugh as if elastic band round it. Chest is clear and she is none the wiser lol…just going to relax rest of today and forget about work for a day…xxx
Ps thanks for comments both