Blood results

I’m in the process of having ( what feels like) every blood test under the sun) Just got the results from the first lot I had done last week . My doctors receptionist has printed it off for me to give to my neuro . I had a look and 3 things are highlighted . -Serum ace is high -White blood cell count is high -MCH is low -(Neutrophils is high When I say "high " I mean higher than its supposed to be as I don’t know obviously how high ,high actually is . Just wondered if any of your blood results were slightly high ? Sam x

Hey Sam

I had a few that were slightly high or slightly low. Whether they’re significant really depends on how much higher or lower than the average value they are. Mine was iron and something else - in the end it was just off normal which actually wasn’t very relevant.

ACE - I think is used to monittor sarcoidosis and can sometimes be high in this condition though I’m not 100% sure so please take it with a pinch of salt.

Increased white blood cells - an increased immune response.

Again if these figures are just slightly off they may not relevant at all.

Hope that helps.



I’ve had lots of blood tests, had a few that have been slightly high/low but docotr said of no significance, the only one that has been quite high is ESR which shows inflammation in the body, have had it re-tested after 3 months and its coming down slowly, got to re-test in 6 months time.

Don’t think they are that much above . To be honest think I’m clinging to the hope that something in my blood tests could be the cause of why I’m feeling like I am . Sam x

I know the feeling. I did exactly the same when I had my bloods.

Hope you get answers soon.



Thanks Reemz x