what does this mean?

hi,im fairly newly diagnosed and just getting my head round it all. i seem to have got over the initial shock.have had lots of letters about my blood results which has gone ok.wondered if anyne can shed any light on the latest blood result letter?it says ‘ana and anca and rheumatoid factor is negative. as are anti-cardiolipin antibodies. but serum ace is slightly elevated at 74- normal range is 8- 65,it doesnt seem to have any clinical significance’ what does that mean,its really bothering me now.

Alcoholic hepatitis Asbestosi Asthma Berylliosis Diabetes Emphysema Gaucher’s disease Hodgkin’s disease Hyperthyroidism Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis Leprosy Lung cancer Multiple sclerosis Nephrotic syndrome Silicosis Tuberculosis A decrease in ACE levels may indicate: Anorexia nervosa Chronic liver disease Steroid therapy (usually prednisone) Therapy for sarcoidosis Underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism)

i did ask but dont know if i feel worse now!!

Hi Hopeful,

The normal range is apparenty very wide, so I don’t think one reading slightly outside it is going to be interpreted as anything sinister. Especially as, if there were anything really seriously the matter, it would be unusual to get just one anomalous result by itself, not backed up by any abnormal findings in any of the other tests. Typically, if one shows something out of the ordinary, at least a couple of the others do too (but not all of them). If it’s not substantially elevated, and there’s no corroboration from anywhere else, it probably doesn’t mean anything


Sorry didnt want to make you feel worse…the high reading points to the. Ailments on the list, you have been diagnosed with ms and the test just confirms it.As do plaques on an mri,and those bands in spinal fluid…

Hi Til, that list spooked me too!


Hi poll,guess it would spook people, but once diAgnosed with ms this test is just another conformation . Lynn x

I just googled then copied and pasted the result lol