What does all this mean?

Some of you lovely people probably know as much as the neurologists, and certainly know more than me! After many months, and an ‘almost discharge’ I’m told that my 2009 MRI which showed periventricular abnormal signals has not changed significantly, and my recent whole spine MRI shows high T2 signals on the left at C3/4 and possible focal atrophy at T8/9. Visual evoked potentials are normal and a recent lumbar puncture shows CSF serum IgG albumin ratio of 1.0. Cranial nerves, extrinsic ocular motility, Barre manoeuvre and Mingazinni manoeuvre are normal, Hoffman’s is negative. Some of this I understand, but not really in relation to other things! Longstanding symptoms are back, shoulder and neck trouble (mostly on right), weakness and tingling etc of right leg and some loss of control over right hand. Lots of twitching and weird sensations, and muscle stiffness when I’m cold. But most of the neuro tests have the word ‘normal’, so does that mean I can’t possibly have ms…?

To be honest, I understand about as much of the technical jargon as you do.

I think you have answered your own question. If the neurologist says all the tests are ‘normal’, then that probably does mean that you don’t have MS.

For your ongoing symptoms, perhaps you should see your GP. Ask for blood tests to check your vitamin D and B12 levels, if you’ve not done this already.

You could see if there’s any physiotherapy that the GP could refer you for, maybe that might help with ongoing symptoms.

But really, the best place for you to ask for the test results to be analysed and translated into English is your GPs surgery.

Best of luck.


Thanks Sue :slight_smile: I’ve got all this info from the most recent neuro letter…Re physiotherapy; I’ve been going weekly/fortnightly since 2015 for what started as shoulder problems, but then became lots of other things. It was the physiotherapist that told me to ask for neuro referral when I wasn’t getting better. Blood tests were done alongside LP and I’ve heard nothing so I guess they’re normal too :slight_smile: