Went to my neurologist, he tested my knee and ankle reflexes, very little else

If these are ok, am I free of MS?

Hello. Unfortunately for most people it’s not as simple as that. My reflexes are normal, they still thought it necessary to send me for an mri, lumbar puncture and vep. I assume as you’ve been to see a neurologist that you’ve been having neurological symptoms?! A little bit more detail might help I’m order for people to give you a more personal answer.

Hi Geri

If you’ve seen a neurologist, you’ve had a physical examination, no further tests were suggested, and you were discharged, then I would imagine that the neuro doesn’t think it’s MS.

Didn’t you ask him/her? Assuming you didn’t, you should get a copy of the letter sent by the neurologist to your GP. This should clarify matters. If you’ve not had it within a few weeks, I’d phone the neurologists secretary and ask when it’ll be sent.