clear mri and discharged - now what?

So last november I was referred to neurology as my GP said we had to rule out MS as our next step. He seemed to have run out of ideas as to what was causing my symptoms. I had blood tests for diabetes, B12, iron, etc. and all was normal. In March I saw the neurologist for an examination. I was told everything was more or less normal, however my reflexes were ‘heightened’ and he kept asking if I’d had an accident over and over. I hadn’t. and there was something sensory I’m not sure what but I know he touched me with something that should’ve been freezing but to me it felt quite warm until it was past my wrist then it was freezing. I was told it was unlikely to be MS but they would do a scan and if it was MS it would show, if not that would show with certainty it was not ms and I would be discharged. I had the scan 3 weeks ago. After phonecalls to the secretary I still haven’t got results as such but she said they were in the post to my gp and that I’d been discharged from neurology as there was no need for follow up. So presumably the results are clear. I am wondering where to go from here. Everyone seemed to have run out of ideas of what else it could be. I have had to give up my last job because of everything and am in process of setting up as self employed part time so financially we are trying to scrape by and hoping we dont have to give up our home. There have been times in the past when I’ve had to sent my young son to stay with elderly grandparents because I haven’t been able to look after him during the week while my husband is at work. I have made changes to diet and lifestyle and am doing what I can but not easy given the financial constraints I’m now under. Although generally happy and positive and a great team these life changing but subtle symptoms have affected our whole family. Feel I’m getting no support. Does anyone have any ideas what avenue to go down next if you are told it is not MS after all? Thanks.