if it isn't ms... any ideas?

was referred to neurologist in november as gp said we needed to rule out ms and seemed out of ideas what was causing my symptoms. went in march. was told i had brisk reflexes and there were some sensory things going on e.g. sense of temperature screwed up. everything else was normal. had mri a feew weeks ago. got a letter today that there was nothing remarkable in the mri, no evidence of ms and have been discharge from neurology. have had blood tests for b12, iron, thyroid, diabetes. have had to give up my job, in process of becoming self employed because of all this, so finance becoming a struggle. on occasion ive had to send my little son to stay with elderly granparents during the week because I was unable. with no support and no answers am wondering where to go next with this. any ideas if it isnt ms then what is it? some days weeks im fine. others am not. have experienced range of things at range of levels including dizzy, fatigue, lightheaded, tingling, pins and needles, numbness in hands and feet, pain. at times the numbness has affected my ability to drive or type. the faftigue has sometimes been so bad ive been completely useless. Ive made changes to diet and lifestyle and its helped but I still dont feel able to hold down full time work, have other children or even just exercise/socialise like a normal healthy person my age. Would appreciate any ideas as apart from my husband i don’t have support or any understanding about my symptoms and so on. I would love to persue alternative health routes as don’t seem to be getting anywhere with traditional understadnings but given the worsening finance situation that doesn’t seems likely. nor does making it to my brothers wedding next year!