Abnormal reflexes

Hi, Can you have MS with normal reflexes? I’ve had my reflexes tested by a neurologist and despite having difficulty with a few of the things he tried to get me to do (standing on my toes & heels) he says my reflexes are fine. Does this mean I have definitely not got MS? I have many of the symptoms and I’m not getting a lot of help from anyone - no one is explaining anything. Many thanks.


Please take a look at the following links. I have checked the content and they are both informative and accurate.

The last thing you need, whilst trying to understand your symptoms, is to be bombarded with lots of mis-information!

Good luck

Tracyann x

Thanks for your help. Turns out my neurologist didn’t check half of those things nor did he let me go through all my symptoms. My husband has made me an appointment with my GP as he wasn’t too happy with how I was treated. The only positive is he said he would get me to have a brain scan. Thanks again for the links.