Can anyone help?

Hi All Am waiting for my Neuro appt to come through, in the meantime GP called me with the results of my blood tests. They showed anaemia and low folic acid levels which aren’t unexpected due to some ‘lady’ problems which I won’t go into or the men on here would surely run for the hills. Anyway, I have made a pact with myself to avoid Dr Google so wondered if anyone knows if low folic acid levels can cause neuro problems or symptoms. My B12 levels were fine as I know if they’re low it can cause issues but not sure about folic acid and I didn’t think fast enough when my GP called to ask him. Even though I’m early doors in the process of finding out what is wrong, and I’m a very pragmatic person I do sometimes get quite twirly in my head about what could be connected and does this mean that or is it this etc etc. Did anyone else feel like that? Sarah xx

it must cause some problems, I had it after the birth of my last son and was put on tablets for it without being told why! Be interested to find out the answer too.

just looked it up, low folic acid causes anaemia, which can cause fatigue, palpitations and breathlessness depression and occasionally numb hands and feet.

Well, have the fatigue but no palpitations or breathlessness, leg and face is numb but not specifically hands and feet so am guessing it’s probably not responsible for everything that’s going on. Thanks for googling for me though :0) x