Blood Test Results - Advice Please?

Hi Guys,

I have had a letter back from some bloods my neuro did in April. I had bloods taken to test for serum B12, electrophoresis (whetever this is?), ANA and ANCA which have all come back normal or non-contributory, but my serum folate was low at 2.3 (normal level 4.8-19)… What does this mean? If im negative for autoimmune does this mean I dont have MS? and could the low folate (im thinking this is folic acid) be the cause of all my symptoms and lesions on the brain??? (last MRI was pretty bad with a massive lesion).

I dont see the neuro until July, so have no idea… he’s just asked the GP to sort our my low folate level… I am please he cc’d me in on the letter, as if he hadnt I wouldnt have known, afterall my GP surgery appear to be pretty useless at the best of times!


Hi Chelle

I don’t think this would cause a lesion on your MRI as far as I know but it certainly could contribute to symptoms (headaches, weakness, dizzyness, bowel problems, irritability, breathing problems etc). It’s a good idea to get onto a supplate to isolate if this improves or removes any of your symptoms.

It may be useful to look at your diet and see if ther’s anyway you could support your folate increase with this also. Please remember I’m not a medical professional though- I’m only going off my knowledge.



Thanks Reemz!

I have booked to see GP tomorrow to discuss the result and apparently the GP has my other blood test results back too… not that the receptionist would tell me the results yet? I was set for bloods to test for Hughes Syndrome (sticky blood) so hoping will find out tomorrow about that too, fingers crossed I dont have MS and have Hughes instead? Could I be that lucky… Heres hoping!!

I think that folate deficiency is the same as B12 deficiency which can cause all sorts of neurological symptoms. What’s more, B12 deficiency CAN cause lesions. Even better, those lesions repair themselves with treatment (i.e. supplementation).

Saying that, I’m not sure that B12 deficiencies normally cause “massive” lesions so maybe there’s more than the B12 thing going on?

The other tests being negative don’t rule out MS, btw.

Fingers crossed for it all being B12 deficiency!

Karen x

Thanks Karen,

The B12 came back normal apparently? I went the the GP and guess what, she said well this test was over a month ago so shes sending me for another repeat test… so no treatment then, typical hey. So now ive gotta go have another test and wait for the results before they give me anything, honestly i just feel like screaming… if only i had the energy!

Chelle x

Thanks @ Karen - I knew folate and vit B12 gave you neuro symptoms but wasn’t aware they could give you lesions also.

@ Chelle - I understand your furstration. You feel like you’re finally getting somewhere and then duff you’re waiting again. I have my fingers crossed that it’s all down to vit B12 for you.

Let us know how you get on.



Thanks Reemz, I will post as soon as i get any info… doubt i will get any till much further down the line though… god i hate the waiting and not knowing, especially when you feel so tired all the damn time! I wish it would just go away for a couple of weeks… I pray its NOT MS!! but something simple and treatable!

Chelle x