blood test for antibodies??

I had my neurology appointment yesterday and didn’t walk out feeling annoyed this time. My neurologist has said she doesn’t think it’s ms but it’s something that can’t be 100% dismissed until we find out what’s wrong. I’ve had numbness, tingling and muscle spasms for 18 months straight. It doesn’t help my back is weak with 3 herniated discs and bouts of sciatica all the time. At my appointment yesterday he said I have peripheral nerve hyperexcitability which was picked up on my emg last time but he dismissed it. This visit as my symptoms have got worse he has done some bloods to check my antibodies as he thinks that they are attacking my immune system. The bloods he said will take 6 weeks because they are going to oxford. I’ve been told to get up to 50mg of amitriptyline and to see him in 6 months. If the results come back positive there is something to help he said but if negative he wants a repeat brain scan and emg test. I don’t want to go googling because my mind will go into overdrive but has anyone had the antibodies test just so I know what it’s looking for diagnosis wise? Thanks

At my last neuro appointment I had blood tests. Like yours it took a few weeks to come back. I’m not sure exactly what your blood test is for but mine came back through yesterday. The test I had was ANA which detects anti nuclear antibodies in your blood. Your immune system normally makes antibodies to help fight infection. In contrast, antinuclear antibodies often attack your bodies own tissues. My result was positive. My neuro like yours does not think I have MS. Did your brain scan show anything Rachel?

No the only thing it showed was an accidental finding of a 12mm cyst. Just got to see these blood results which depends if a repeat scan needs doing. Thanks soo much for the reply :slight_smile: