Blood test at neurologist

How long did it take for everyone blood tests to come back

I’ve had the usual work up I’m currently at 6 weeks

& 2 weeks for mri will I get both results together?

Honestly, it depends on your hospital and your specific neurologist. Sometimes they’ll write with results, more often they’d send you a new appointment to discuss their findings and any further tests they want/need to do. Or of course, they may diagnose you with something or nothing straight off.

You could try phoning the neurologists secretary to ask how long and in what form you’ll get results.


Thank you for your reply sue, I have spoken to secretary

today and my mri results are going out in post today and

my blood results haven’t been looked at so she’s going to

talk to neurologist and get her to call me

Hi all just had a letter from doctor after my MRI scan it showed non-specific white matter spots in both cerebral hemispheres, but no lesions typical of MS,just waiting on my review appointment, any idea what this means? Thanks.

Got part of my blood results today from dr receptionist

I have low iron, low folic & low vitamin D When I asked

about the rest she said a letter would come out with rest

of my results. Brain mri came back clear and neurologist

said this is very reassuring

That sounds excellent. A vitamin D deficiency could actually be mimicking MS. And you might find that stabilising your vitamins and minerals might make a big difference to you.

Keep asking us for support and advice if it doesn’t.

All the best.


I’m hopeing so I just want to get to bottom of why I am in

pain all the time and doctor is only prescribing cocodomal