how will i get mri results

Hi everyone,

Had MRI last Thursday, phoned GP today, no results there. Will the neuro just write to me with results if they are ok or will he make a return appointment one way or another.

Had left eye thing going on again yesterday, sudden sharp pain and had to hold it still, was extremely painful to move eye. lasted about 10 mins. have been feeling so well recently but after yesterdays eye pain today things are deteriorating again. hands not feeling quite right and keep dropping things, muscle spasms in back arms and legs . If i get a clear MRI ill be back to square one. I know many are in this situation but seems worse than actually having a diagnosis x

Can totally relate to what you are saying. my GP has advised me to ring my neuro’s secretary about 10 days after MRI to check results. Maybe it would be worth you doing that? I hope you get some answers soon.

Its funny you say that as a couple of weeks ago I read a report stating that fewer people are being diagnosed with MS in Britain, but more people are living with it, I wonder how many people are going undiagnosed and left in limbo?

I thought that I was diagnosed a couple of weeks ago and actually started to come to terms with a life of MS. Now my diagnosis is “likely MS” I feel worse and paranoid about every muscle pull and ache!

Dont feel bad about reporting any symptoms you have, according to this link, its what the doctors want to know:

Hi serina, I would suggest you write or phone the neuro sec after 10-14 days. She won’t be able to give you the results but she will chase the doc to do so. I would say that it depends on what the result is - if next step is further tests they may just write and tell you that and leave appt until after the further tests… If there is significant result you will prob be called in at this stage. Good luck

thanks guys, its only been 6 days so ill need to be patient and leave it a few more days. ill phone the secretary like you have suggested. right now my thoughts are consumed with getting the results, its awful x

Yep, I was referred to a neuro as I had lesions on my spine - he told me I would need a head MRI and he would see me again after that and booked me an appt - that funnily enough was about 16 days after the MRI!

Sonia x

thanks very much for the links in your post number08 , much appreciated