Blocked ear

Could a blocked ear full of wax be causing my tinnitus? Doctor advised me to spray my ear with olive oil three times a day and not to use cotton buds. Apparently this will soften it and unblock it. Could this be causing my tinnitus do you think?

Well according to Wikipedia tinnitus isn’t a disease but a condition and ms can cause it along with other neurological illnesses I’ve been diagnosed with ms sinse April but my ears have been ringing for years and didn’t think anything of it hope I helped

it is known that ear wax can definitely cause tinnitus (although its not the reason in my case, and i’ve gone through many years with it)

but if your doctor sees there’s wax, couldn’t u just get it it out at a ENT doctor? it will take two seconds and it’s painless


A build-up of earwax can certainly cause tinnitus.

I think you have to use the olive oil for a couple of weeks to soften the wax first (…during which it’s quite likely that the hearing will deteriorate as the wax expands). Of course, the amount of wax will dictate how much remedial action is necessary.

The ENT doc (or GP/Nurse) will then be able to remove any wax that hasn’t fallen out of it’s own accord

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I too have tinnitus. When I was younger I used to have to go to the Dr to get my ears syringed due to the buildup of wax. I now use a turkey baster full of warm water in the shower to clean them out.