Ear Syringing (not ms)

I had my ears syringed, by the nurse at my gp practice a couple of years ago. It worked well. Although they are now no where near as bad as they were then, I feel that it might be getting to the stage where they could do with being done again soon. When they were done a few years ago they had become so bad that I could barely hear and I’m keen to avoid getting to that stage again. Now my question is, you can buy little kits on line that are advertised to do ear Syringing, they’re not terribly expensive either, but before I buy one, can I ask has anybody used one of these and was it easy enough to do? I imagine it might be a bit messy but I could cope with that. Thanks Cheryl:-)

Hi Cheryl,

I have mine done every 5 years but at the halfway mark I syringe in Olive Oil every day for about 1 week.

Don’t know about these internet things; remember the rule; the only thing allowed to go in your ears is your elbow.


Hi Cheryl

I had my ear syringed about 15 years ago. When my ear starts getting bad again I put drops in my ear for about 1 - 2 weeks so does not need syringing. I use olive oil or other drops that can be bought at any chemist. I have to do this about once every 1 to 2 years. I now recognise the signs much earlier and can start treatment earlier.


I use a turkey baster with warm water in the shower works a treat :slight_smile:

Hi Cheryl,

I bought one a couple of years ago in Boots, because it was urgent (I was going to a college reunion, and couldn’t bear to be deaf), but couldn’t find anyone on the NHS willing to shoulder the immense responsibility of syringing my ears “in case it was an MS thing”.

So I bought the kit and did it myself. I must say, it does take a bit of practice, and was not successful on the first go. But I tried one more time, on the morning I was actually due to go away, and…SUCCESS!

I found it easiest to do it in the bath - then you haven’t got to worry about where the water is running, or mess about trying to hold a bowl, whilst syringing your own ear at the same time.

Probably too much info, but the mucky water does come out into the bath, of course. But in a way, it was very satisfying, as you can actually see what you’ve managed to clear, that was making you deaf.

You could argue I was taking a risk by ignoring medical advice, and doing it myself. But if I hadn’t taken matters into my own hands, I might have spent another three months deaf, and waiting to see a consultant, just to be told I had wax in my ears! (Bet the consultant would have been delighted about that, too),


Thanks folks, i know that because of the ms, I won’t be able to just make an appointment with the nurse to get them done, so I’ll have to see the dr first, then when he says it’s wax, make an appointment to see the nurse and get the job done, so two appointments in total for a simple job. However, they are not bad just now, I’m just picking up on the early tell tale signs that led to them need syringed the last time and I don’t want to get to that stage again. Perhaps I should try some olive oil first, thanks for that idea George and Carol, I had’nt thought of that. Dave38 I don’t have a turkey baster, lol. Tina, thanks for all that info, I thought it might be messy, it sounds messy, I could try it sitting down in the shower, then the mess wouldn’t matter, that’s a good idea. Since it’s only very minor at the moment I think I’ll try the olive oil for now, that might just do the trick. Thanks. Cheryl:-)