Blocked ears?

Hi all, I’m undiagnosed & naturally everything i feel etc in my body I now question. I have had tinnitus for about 8 months, constant ringing in my head. I knew that i had 1 blocked ear & my doctor said to put olive oil in it! I’ve been blaming my tinnitus on another possible ms symptom. I had to go to the doctors again last week as I had an infection from my wisdom tooth, she checked my ears & said they are both blocked. Do you think this is more likely to be the cause of my tinnitus? She said do you use cotton buds, & I do, she said all I’m doing is pushing the wax further down. She didn’t give me any suggestions on what to actually do though & then the whole thing went off track because I was actually there for something different? Do any of you know if blocked ears can cause tinnitus?

Hi app666, firstly you need to get your ears syringed. I’m very surprised the GP didn’t tell you this. A GP or nurse can do it. They usually suggest you drip warm olive oil into your ears for a few days before. Call the GP again and ask for appointment to have your ears syringed.

It is quite possibly the wax causing the tinnitus.

There are a whole bunch of things that can cause tinnitus and some people with MS have it (I do)… but no need to cross that bridge yet… get your ears cleaned out first and then see if you still have tinnitus.

Hope this helps,

Pat x

I agree with Pat. Usually when people have ears blocked with wax they are sent away with instructions to drop olive oil in the affected ear(s) with a little dropper every night for a couple of weeks before coming back to have the ear or ears syringed. The olive oil business softens the blockage and makes the syringing even safer. It would be nice if you could get this done - it’s all very easy.