Bladder problems

Has anyone else found that they had incontinence problems before being diagnosed/suspecting MS?Sorry for such a direct question but in the last 2 months I’ve moved from occasionally not quite making it to the loo, to standing up to go and basically completely wetting myself…and 3 times now, which is by far the worst thing, I’ve woken up in a wet bed

I’ve never had these problems before and don’t have a UTI or anything else to explain this…

Hello Stormchaser,

Yes, I did experience this before my diagnosis. I was working at the time, with a 45 minute drive to work. I wet myself a few times on my way to work and at work until I found ways to manage the problem.

Whether you have been diagnosed or not, your GP should be able to refer you to a Continence nurse who can suggest ways to manage the problem and recommend drugs that may help.

Best of luck.


Hello It makes no difference if you’re diagnosed with MS or not, if you see your GP you should be able to get a referral to a bowel and bladder nurse. Whether you choose to take drugs or not, they are available to help with continence issues. You could also be referred to a urologist. You could for eg be suitable for bladder Botox which helps many people with their continence problems. Or you might try intermittent self catheterising, this way, you empty your bladder on a regular basis so you perhaps dont have so many accidents. (And if you had Botox, you’d have to use ISC as it essentially stops your ability to empty your bladder through the urethra either on demand or not. So, while there is no magic cure for such things, there are so solutions available, you just need some help with invesigating them. Sue

the drugs available for urinary incontinence are varied.

i tried 3 but they made me have such a dry mouth that i was drinking loads of water, resulting in more pee to wet myself with.

i eventually had Betmiga (Mirabegron) and it is excellent.

carole x

You may not be familiar with washable bed pads which can hold up to 2000 ml and save a lot of bother. The Conni type sometimes appears quite cheaply in Aldi but there are others (Kylie, Fusion, Brolly). Also water repellent duvets or covers but not tried.