Bladder issues

Hi not posted for ages but looking for a wee bit help, my bladder has been playing up for a few months now, thought it was cystitis so drank things like cranberry juice etc, so I was not always on antibiotics, well anyway about 2 months ago had another flare with it, but this time felt extreme pain in my lower tummy, back, hips and went to doctor after an examination she said I had a prolapse and got me an app to gynaecologist, went there on Monday after an examination was told no prolapse, but to excessive my pelvic floor muscles,she got cross when I could not do it properly, said I need to go to physio, but also then added will send u for a scan of ur bladder, pelvis, kidneys, liver, and have a camera inserted in my bladder as I could have a condition called interstitial cystitis, said right good bye expect plenty of appointments in. I left totally shocked and confused any help any one. Thanks

woa! that sounds to me as though your doctor has panicked and clutching at straws referred you to gynae.

​why didn’t s/he refer you to the bladder and bowel clinic (formerly known as continence nurses)?

or at least try a course of anti biotics?

​that to me is the best course of action.

then again, maybe your gp is freaked by ms.

pelvic floor exercises aren’t easy to explain. the midwife at ante natal classes (27 years ago) told us to imagine that we were having sex and didnt want to let go of our husbands!

the other explanation is to squeeze that muscle that stops the flow of urine.

go back to your gp and tell him all about it.

ask for the number of your nearest bladder and bowel clinic or you can self refer.

hope you get some relief

carole x

In my area, it is still called the Continence Clinic.

Apart from that - total agreement with Carole.



I believe I have Interstitial Cystitis (IC). I started getting lots of problems with cystitis after the birth of my second son in 2003. IC is where the bladder lining is inflamed, so eating certain foods that are acidic can really make it sting, a bit like getting lemon juice on a cut. It’s now thought to be an autoimmune condition. For me, I had a caesarean with a catheter and I’ve always felt the catheter caused some damage, but stress, bad diet, and I assume certain medications, are thought to cause it.

It’s hard getting diagnosed as a lot of medical bods don’t recognise it yet, so try to attribute it to other problems. IC isn’t a bladder/urine infection so it’s useless trying to treat it with antibiotics.

There’s lots of information on the internet. I guess having one autoimmune condition opens you up to others.