Bladder Botox - how often?

Hi, I has Botox on my bladder for the first time 31st March. It has transformed my life! Bloomin marvellous! I had a follow up appointment with the urologist in May, when he told me it lasts around nine months. I don’t want the urge incontinence to get as bad as it was before the procedure. He suggested I ring them when symptoms start to recur, and that it would probably be done around a month later. Given that nine months is up at the end of December, I thought I’d ring late October. However, ing the words of the TV add I’m having some “oops moments”.

So a question to those of you more experienced, how long between Botox?

Cheers, hope you’re all well and happy


I had Botox last oct. I had a couple of ‘oops’ moments… then they stopped.

im the same as you I feel. like I should get a call into the hospital, but that seems a bit… oh you know like I’m jumping my turn.

Don’t know what to do.

tilly x

I’ve had 4 (i think) lots of Botox and am recalled when the hospital is ready for me. At my 2nd lot, which was done at around 8 months I was asked how things were. It was decided I’d be put on “the every 9 months” list. However, the list always runs behind schedule and last time it was nearer 11 months. It was then decided I’d be put on the 6 months list in the hope they’d get me at around 9 months! (hope that makes sense). So we’ll see what happens.

I am normally given 200 units but it hasn’t been quite as successful this time so I’m thinking of asking for a bit more. The oops moments aren’t regular or predictable so I’m not sure what they’ll say. On the whole though I think Botox is brilliant.

Sarah x

I think people’s reaction to it is very individual. Had it twice but benefit seemed very short lived. Couldn’t really tell any difference after 3 months. Waited a very long time for the second try so if it works for you I think it wise to get in early.