In discussion with the urologist today I gleaned some details which may be of interest to others: On average each treatment is effective for about 9 months for men, but this may range between 2 months to two years.The sixth month checkup is the time to get yourself on the waiting list for another shot if it feels like it could be starting to wear off; otherwise you could end up with a gap with poor control. Only about 1 in 10 need to ISC after a treatment, (this urologist finds that most people can empty their bladder normally from the outset) and even for the ISC group it is only temporary as the botox becomes less effective. If the treatment is not so effective first time, the next time round they will probably be willing to increase the dose to get a better result as they know you can tolerate the botox. Also learned about ‘reflex incontinence’ commonly associated with nerve damage and ms (as distinguished from urge, overflow and stress incontinence). Similar to ‘urge’ but often without a strong urge or any urge at all. Wasnt aware of this type and puzzled over why I didnt get an urge most of the time. Apparently whilst the least easy to treat with medications it has good results with Botox.