Bitten the bullet and made the appointment!

Morning everyone hope the weathers better everywhere else, it’s absolutely piddling it down here! Well I’ve made the decision after speaking to my ms nurse to return to work in the near future after being off sick for almost 12 months. I’ve made an appointment for next Wednesday with the GP to discuss a phased return. Must admit I’m feeling quite nervous now. I don’t know if ill manage it or not with my symptoms but one can only try. I suppose if I can’t manage it I will just have to accept the fact but ill only know by trying. I tried to return last year and after just a week of shortened hours I relapsed :(. I’m on better treatment now and ms nurse feels I’m “stable” so just got to keep positive! Got my wheelchair assessment Monday also so wish me luck guys! Mini x

Well done and Good Luck! Hope everything works out alright for you.


Steve. xx

Good luck Mini

Hope it goes well but at least you are giving it a shot!

Tracey x

Thanks guys x

Good luck from me too…for work and the wheelchair appt.

luv Pollx

Thanks Poll hope you’re well xx

Good luck for giving it a go. Make sure you discuss short hours and not too frequent visits to work as it will really take it out of you just going back without actually doing any work. But you will be able to do it. As you said you won’t know until you try. It is a really positive step. This being my second week back only did total of 6 hours last week and totally shattered but I can do it just have to take it slow. Sitting in a chair for that amount of time I am seeing as an achievement. I certainly wouldn’t have classed that as an achievement before my diagnosis and relapses. But realise I now need to look at each day as it comes. Barney

I took for granted so much barney before I was diagnosed and a walk to the front gate is an achievement now! Thanks for kind words. Glad you’re managing at work. X