Hey everyone, hope all is well with you all! Started back at work on Weds, did four hours and back again for the same tomorrow. Can’t believe how tiring it is! Mini x

Hope it gets easier! Work is tiring - pace yourself and take care - I’ve been working far too hard recently which has led to me relapsing :-(( important to put health first if you possibly can! I need to learn this…

Well done on getting through your first day back. At least it’s Friday tomorrow and you can get lots of rest before next week! Laura x

It’s awful how doing so little takes so much out of us!! A side of MS that really annoys me as I was always a 100 mile an hour, working mum, juggling 50 things at once, many irons in the fire, and all that!!! I still do take on too much at times and push myself, as my life is so full and demanding (home, work and kid) just like so many of us on this site! I’m in relapse at the moment, so I guess that sums it up! Hope today at work was okay for you Mini and it’s the weekend now! :slight_smile: Jools X

Hi Mini Hope you have survived. I could only do alternate days for first 2 weeks. Which really helped since I could rest in between shifts. Worth doing a phased return if you need it. I have always been like Jools - really full of enthusiasm for life and doing lots - MS is cruel.

I’m working Monday, Tuesday and Thursday this coming week and plan to pace myself and do shorter days…I hope all chaos doesn’t break out and I get away with it, but you just never know what will come through the door in the busy hospital I work in!! …Jools X

Hi Well done for getting through your first week back. It is tough but it does slowly get easier. I have been back now for 2 months and managed 20 hours last week. I started by doing 8 hours to start with. I am always tired but starting to do a little more out of work too. I do sleep a lot when not at work. When I have been doing full days at work I have a 40 minute rest. I have had to accept that I need to rest to be able to get back to work full time. Don’t be hard on yourself and listen to your body. Take care and have a good second week

Thanks everyone. Round three tmoz! Wish me luck lol xx