1st day back at work

I have completed my first 3 hours back at work since being off since end of Jan. I feel good for managing to go back int tthe offic and bbeing able to get back into what feels normal. I didn’t do a load of work as found looking at the screen was difficult and the fatigue really got to me about 2 hours in but I battled through. I am pleased with myself. I am now tucked up i bed as ccouldn’t sit any longer. Have a neurologist appt on Thursday going to speak to her about possible medications that can hel with the ffatigu. My boss is bbeing really understandingand supportive which is really helping with me bein able to go back to work.

I’m so glad it went well for you, I hope they can get the fatigue under control, keep well Mini x

Glad it went well, bet its a huge relief for you. X

It feels like I can start moving forwards and not letting the ms take over my life completely

Pleased things went well for you. Make sure you take regular breaks and ask your boss to agree to the length. I was originally told to take a 5 minute break on the hour every hour. Now I think, sod that, I’ll have a break more often if I feel I need one.