Bit Scared Need A Slap

Started a few days ago with a horrible feeling to my ribs on one side like I’d been kicked there that resolved within 12hrs but came back a day later but to both sides. Dull ache if I don’t touch it agony to touch occasional shooting pains. Today I have woken up and my chest feels really tight like someone is squeezing me all round and I can’t take a full deep breath. My dodgy leg that feels like it is packed in ice now is also feeling like someone has tied a tight band round it. Not dx and due to see neuro again in a week. Have to go to work today cos they’re short staffed but I’m freaked out and wanted a "get a grip"slap

‘Slap’!! I think maybe you need a very gentle hug too ((hug)). Is there no way work could survive without you? Sound like you need to rest to me, take it easy and make sure to tell this to your Neuro next week. Hope you feel better soon, Lx

I’m sorry you are having such a tough time. I’m sort of lucky still being signed off work so all the strange things that happen are at least in the privacy of my own home rather than in public. I’ve not had the symptoms of the hug, but I do know what you mean about a tight band around your leg as this is one of my symptoms both around my legs (mainly knees) and arms/wrists which get worse for me as the day goes on. If you really want a get a grip slap I will oblige slap but I’d rather send you a gentle hug!

I’m just going to go with a gentle {hug} and hope that you didn’t go into work after all…or will leave early. You must look after yourself!!! If I were you I’d get the week off until the neuro appointment. Lots of love :heart: and be gentle with yourself!

Hope ur feeling better Arwen. The nhs gets lots of negativity sometimes but there are a lot of people that love their jobs n push themselves to go in - even if it is to our own dentriment. I hope ur managers kind enough to let you leave early. Get well Reemz Xxx

As others have said, I really hope you feel better soon and that you get to leave early when they realise you’re in pain xxxx

I’m skipping the slap as you’ve already had that BUT thanks for making me giggle :wink:

Hope you cope ok at work :slight_smile:

So, instead of a slap hugs, gently obviously!

Sonia x

Thanks for the slaps and the surprising but gentle hugs. They have made me feel mentally better. Sadly I really can’t take time off as nobody to cover me and don’t want patients to lose out cos of moaning me (yes I get the irony). Oh and I make a bad patient too I was found a few hours post op helping other patients once and have worked on a broken foot for a week convinced I could walk the pain off lol. Can’t wait to get home and put my pjs on though. Thanks again you lovely people Xxx.

Happily at home now with a hot water bottle on my chest which is helping a bit (thank you who ever invented them). Just 1more day then 3off thank goodness Axx