bit of light relief!...corrie....not ms

Lo,l at Milton’s suggestion for Roy’s cafe…‘Beef encounter’ menu featuring beef Warrington and salmon en Crewe…small things I suppose! Corrie at it’s best…I can see it working up and down the country, choose your meat from the butchers shop and eat it in the station…bar a ticket office…brilliant idea…it is still amusing me this morning!

Alison x

Alison - l thought it was a brilliant programme - and Miltons ideas of turning Roys Rolls into Beef Encounter great.

l can just see Roy in his station masters outfit going ‘poop poop’ everytime an ‘order’ is ready.

On SaturdayMorning Kitchen - James said he had eaten a Glasgow salad - - lt was a bag of chips.

Like you - lt is still amusing me - ln Steve/Tracy’s terrace house - is the bathroom upstairs or down. We never see anyone on Corrie actually using a bathroom. l know they have a loo in the back yard.