Wound u

Sorry folks I’ve really got to get this off my chest, something is really winding me up.

Channel 5 are trailing a TV show called Paddington Station 24/7, which features a statement saying " there’s a rat hanging out of a junction box that is smoking"

Yes I know it’s disgusting, but I have some questions for transport for London.

Are they sure it wasn’t vaping?

Who gave the cigarette to the rat?

How did it light it?

I know rats are clever critters, but I’m sure they can’t read “no smoking” signs, should TFL take this into consideration before issuing a fine?

who will pay the fine?

could this lead to exempting rats from the smoking ban?

theres lots more questions that need answers!

what about pigeons and squirrels will they be exempt too? Or will they get fined if they get caught smoking too?

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thats brill! am struggling today but that helped put a smile on my face-ta!


ps i intended to watch the prog anyway!

I once saw a woman open the curtains in her underwear.

I’ve looked really hard, but I can’t find any underwear with curtains, I think she must have them made especially.

hiya well did you watch it? double trouble-2 rats! was it a dare?! ellie