Bilateral pins and needles in arms and legs

Fortunately, my MS has been pretty problem free since starting Copaxone 17 years ago.
Last summer I started to notice pins and needles (which I’ve had in my hands) up my arms and both legs, when I was lying down. This has continued to progess to being there all the time.
I’ve been looking at reputable sites online to see if MS would affect so many parts of my body at the same time but cant seem to find the answer. I guess it depends on where any lesions might be.

Any thoughts please?

After being diagnosed 30 years ago, I have now realised that it could be time for the disease to progress. MRI next weekend, so I guess time will tell.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

When I has a relapse, I literally had muscle twiches all over my body, yes, everywhere, my genitals included… it’s not unusual. I hope you get to know what os going on soon. What is really bizarre is that mine were always more intense in the morning, the first few minutes after I woke up. Are you experiencing pain as well, and stiffness? I had that.

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