Big Heidi & Kulture

Morning Kids, Hope yoose ere well ad had a good night? I am sorry Uncle Rick didn’t post for a couple of day but his PC was acting up, once it got a serve talking to and the hard drive got a smack I am back up running again. Well my attempt to bring culture into Big Hs life failed with oor trip to the Opera. Sorry another wee bit of Glaswegian slipped in there. I will be starting the language classes again as I have been in contact with some of the old class from a few years ago so welcome back Wilma, Brian & Belinda I am sure more will follow. So you see Mrs whatever you r name was humour does play a part in our lives. I do not know kids if I told you but Uncle Rick was given a sever reprimand by a always kids, no name no pack drill, who felt that by introducing humour into the site I was belittling peoples feelings. Yes MS is a serious business but life without a laugh is boring plus if you don’t like my attempts to lighten the mood don’t read my posts! Enuff of that, now on to the story. The last time I tried to bring some Kulture into Big Hs life and that of the menagerie by taking them to the Opera…what a waste of time and money. However, I would be failing if I did not have one more attempt. So yesterday I took the menagerie to Schloß Schönbrunn which I can see from the flat. Schloß Schönbrunn hark back to the day Vienna was the centre of the Austria Hungarian empire. Please excuse the different font for Schloß Schönbrunn I am unable to type German Characters while the keyboard id set for English. Well I feel a funny story coming on. When Uncle Rick studied German before moving I went to German classes and was sitting beside a retired lady who had made friend with German while on holiday…see kids it is possible they don’t only steal the sunbeds and reserve them with there towels. Oops a wee bit of racism creeping in there I think. Anyway on with story, Schloß Schönbrunn, is a rather imposing palace which was used as a summer residence for the Archduke and his family Vienna is covered with palaces the Hofburg Palace which is in the centre and was the winter palace. The Archduke had several palaces throughout Austria. So we arrived at the gates of Schloß Schönbrunn and paid our entrance fee which I thought given the menagerie was extremely cheap. Big H. swept through the gates yodelling away. I had to pull her aside and tell her to put a sock in it as I did not want her yodelling indoors and shattering the artefacts on display. All went well and we were standing in one of the many rooms when I became aware that our little group had shrunk to Big H. and myself. Big H. noticed the expression of horror on my face and asked what was wrong? I told her I had lost the Haggi and the kids. She just coyly smiled and folded the top of her dirndl down to reveal 3 rather smug looking Hagggi. I asked her about the kids and she gently lifted her skirt to reveal an equally smug looking kids. She whispered think of the Euros we have saved uncle rick we can all go for a coffee afterwards. I have to give it to the Big lassie (qv bottom of the page. She may be Swiss but I think she has some Scottish blood in her. As she swept into the next room she stood in the middle of the floor and spun round, she does forget how big her chesticles are and fortunately I was able to save a couple of priceless artefact from being being knocked off the furniture. The 3 Haggi were having a great time as they were sliding down her ample bosom while squeaking weeeeeeee. Well kids Uncle Rick definitely heard, not so much the call from his wee glass of very strong water, but the yell. I find my very strong water is a great comfort to me and helps me face another day. Anyway kids take care have a good and a safe day. Uppermost though is be kind to one another. Uncle Rick, Tom Cobbly and all Language Glaswegian uses a lot of Onomatopoeia when prouncing words so yoose is a generic phrase for the plural of you. It is a very handy word as it can be frequently heard on the street as a term of frustration especially with mother who have a brood of youngsters in tow… Och will yoose lot behave yersels, will you children behave yourselves or Och yoo used an expression of annoyance, when an insjustice appears to have been committed you will often her hear Och yoose.