Big fancy scooters

Hi, my husband really wants me to get a scooter, but I am reluctant. I was diagnosed about a month ago, but have been showing symptoms and being investigated for nearly 2 years. I can walk carefully, but not for any distance. The worry I have is that sitting in one position for any length of time makes my back start to tense up and really hurt. I just don’t know if it would benefit me using a scooter to travel any distance, apart from having a seat whilst pottering around places, where I can get up and change position when I need to. Really I need to use the car to get to places, and then the scooter once I’m there, but I wouldn’t be able to get the scooter there on my own. Also we were looking at the bigger, road ready ones with good suspention so I would be able to go to more inaccessible places with my husband and my 2 boys. Has anyone got any advice or experience relating to my confusion?!

My scooters have transformed my life. They enable me to do so much more and what is more I can choose where to go.

I have two: a light weight one which breaks up into 4 pieces to go into the car and a heavier second hand one which I use locally.

Everyone’s MS is different and scooters will not be appropriate for all. Are you able to try one first e.g. shopmobility or some country parks hire out the all terrain types.

Something else to consider is a rollator you can sit on, would this help you?

Good Luck!

My OH has 2 as well, one lighter one that I am still able to break up and put in a car and a bigger, sturdier one that he has used for going round boot sales, walking the dog i country parks etc. For this we have a Brig-Ayd hoist fitted in the back of the car and it clips on to two fixings that were added -one on either side of the scooter in the seat area. This operates using a simple hand control and means the scooter is kept in one piece ready to use. It has been a real Godsend for us and we have had it now for about 5 years without a problem ( touch wood ).

A confusing time for you.I say to people use something electric during the day,easier shopping,less getting in the way,learning routes,‘dog poo alley’,wheelie bin days and when you get home with more energy you can do star jumps or whatever, to exercise all relevant bits.

I use a motability powerchair now, which is away at the ‘menders’ for the SIXTH time in 13 months £6,500 0ff the shelf…Crap However, when I could still use a scooter I did over 3,000 miles in two years on the road on a SHOPRIDER CADIZ. It did 10MPH,yes officer,but doesn’t your car do more than 70 your honour.Nothing says you can’t have a scooter for playing out by yourself,and a farty likkle one for in the car and those who can’t walk at 10MPH.Eventually I had no need for a car,the bird of the time part exed it just before she became the ex,and I surrendered my licence.No need to argue with DVLA and in 30 years I’d driven virtually everything out there,more than half of it professionally.

Tinga seems to have the idea.An old Ford Transit with a home made ramp and room for all the family.A bit,well a lot of thought means the best solution is out there somewhere,and if it’s never been done before…BRAVO