Betmiga for bladder spasms


I was wondering what results people have had from Betmiga for bladder spasms.

I’ve been on it for a month now, but I still seem to be wanting to wee a lot of the time. Does it usually cure bladder spasms for everyone who tries it? Because if it normally works on curing bladder spasms, but not for me, then I need to find out why not. I ISC all the time, so feeling like I want a wee doesn’t mean I can actually go, I mostly just ignore the feeling. I don’t have incontinence unless I have an infection, that’s practically the only time I can wee without a catheter and that is often the first sign of infection. So it’s a sensory problem more than a continence thing for me.

I’m having a test done in a few weeks prior to having botox on my bladder. I’m just wondering if the fact that the Betmiga isn’t working will mean the botox won’t work properly either.

I’m getting a bit cheesed off with having the feeling that I want a wee non stop.


Hi, I reckon it could be cos of your retention problem.

Betmiga is good for me the majority of the time.


Hi Sue

The answer to your problem may be Tamsulosin.
This relaxes smooth muscle tissue (as used in the human bladder).

A Urology nurse got me changed over, and it did increase the time between “needing to go”.
Some GPs prefer it to Betmiga (which I was on before) as a first treatment.
Ask your GP.


Not heard of tamsulosin…


I haven’t really got retention problems exactly. Because I ISC all the time, I do empty. Just not ‘naturally’. So what shouldn’t happen is that I SC so my bladder is empty, then 30 minutes later feel the urge to wee as my bladder spasms.

I shall put this in the notes on my phone (where all such things live because of the cruddy memory) and ask to swap. Thanks Geoff.

Has anyone been treated with Betimga when a catheter has been in place long term? My mother has just been prescribed this but we are unclear why - told that it will stop the urgency of needing to go, when she doesn’t have experience this, as catheter is in place, but is experiencing by passing and lots of infections. Did query this twice at the appointment but still no clearer.

Hi i have been put on trospium chloride twice a day, it relaxes your bladder it does help especially at night time. Also you must cut down on tea and coffee it does not help your bladder hope this helps .