Best Therapy Ever


Hope you are all well.  I met Paula today for a coffee only met her through this forum.  Paula is dx I am not we have a 20 year age gap and we met and talked for 3 hours had a laugh it was wonderful. I was not in a good place but since I have met and spoken to her I feel I have known her forever. It makes such a difference to talk to someone who is interested and you are not boring them with your moans but we had such a laugh, I would advise everyone to find someone whoe lives close to you and meet for a chat I feel I have known Paula for years I would have gladly have paid for my session with her.






Aww, how nice!!  That will be £50 then!  No, i should actually pay you as it's the first time on Saturday in months that i actually got out my bed for anything/anyone - so thank you!  And as i said today, the next time is at the pub and we can drink to new friends.

Paula xx

Defintiely, LARGE dry white wine for me lol.

jan x

Oh how lovely....I think that the people on here should def . have local meets. every now and then...would be really nice. I think that maybe we should try and arrange something...maybe we should have a thread and put up on it where we all live and if anyone wants to meet then post on there. What do you all think?


Hi Wendy

Fab idea because honestly my coffee with Paula today meant sooooooooo much to me it was fab we definitely should get get together and Paula is dx and I am not but made no difference to us we have both come through same process.

We are in Renfrewshire, Scotland (Paisley, Johnstone, Renfrew, Houston, Bridge of Weir) you can look on your maps.




Really pleased it went well. I get a lot of support from my "know what you're talking about without having to explain it" friends too happy2


hey does anyone live in or near dorset?

carly xx

I wish! (Gorgeous part of the world!)


anyone live in flintshire I could do with some friends that understand


I live in Exeter Devon......anyone?


i am in weymouth dorset xx