Hi everyone.

It’s been quite a long time since I was on this forum.

I just thought I would come on and share some information that may help others.

Some of you probably already know about the health benefits of Turmeric, but for those that don’t, here goes !

Turmeric is, among other things, a natural anti-inflammatory and pain killer.

It is proven to help with Arthritis and lots of other conditions including painful conditions (like MS can be for some of us).

(It is also good for animals)

It can be taken in capsule form or added to food.

It is well worth looking it up to see all the benefits of this spice !

I have just started giving it to my 2 year old black Labrador, who seems to have some pain in his back legs. I will keep you updated on how it goes.

My daughter, who has Ulcerative Colitis, is also starting to add it to her food.

Please look it up and see for yourselves how useful this spice is.

It may not help everyone, but if it can alleviate pain for just a few then it is worth sharing.

Also, as it’s a natural product, it may to be better than relying on chemicals and medicines ?

I really hope this can help someone.

Seb x

We were told about Turmeric by Clarkey - on the PPMS forum. l had heard about it years ago - and l do use it in cooking. So l bought capsules - Maverick Labs = Super Strength Turmeric with added Bioperine. Lots of info if you google Turmeric and Bioperine. l would rather take a natural supplement then any of the prescribed drugs.

Shall start giving it to one of my dogs with joint problems. Actually, she would enjoy the actual spice just sprinkled onto her food.

Hi “Spacejacket”,

As far as I know, just sprinkling it onto her food will not be as effective as giving it to her in a paste as she will not be able to digest it very well.

Here is the recipe that I use for golden paste:-


You will need:

125g (4 1/4 oz) Organic Turmeric
2 tsps Organic Black Pepper (freshly ground)
70 ml ( 2 1/2 fl oz) Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
500ml (17 1/2 fl oz) water


Pop turmeric and water in a pan and stir over low heat until thick.

Add the coconut oil and pepper, stir until well mixed.

Simply allow to cool and store in a sterilised jar in the fridge.

Will keep for up to four weeks but best used within two.

(This makes quite a large amount of paste so you may want to halve the quantities)

The Simple Method

Just make up a daily mix to add fresh over the top of your dog’s dinner (takes me 2-5 minutes).


• 1 teaspoon of Turmeric powder

• 1 dash of Cracked Pepper

• 1 tablespoon of Olive or Coconut Oil (about half an oz)

• 1/2 cup boiled hot water and stir thoroughly (4 fl oz.)

Let the mixture sit for a minute or two and then add to your dog’s food. Some dogs may turn up their noses at this mix being added to their diet. If this is the case you can either start off with small amounts of turmeric or you can try the next alternative.

The coconut oil (or virgin olive oil) is important, but the black pepper is the most important for breaking the turmeric down.

Hope this information helps.

Seb x