Bell's Palsy

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I woke up on Christmas Eve morning and found I couldn’t drink my glass of orange juice properly without dribbling. Within an hour my eye felt strange and I couldn’t close it properly. I suspected Bell’s Palsy as my dad had it many years ago.

We dialled 111 but couldn’t get through so decided to go to A&E. Here I was admitted to the stroke ward, had a CT scan, blood tests and a visit from an OT. I was a bit worried that they were going to keep me in but thankfully they decided it wasn’t a stroke but Bell’s Palsy.

I was given a week’s worth of Prednisolone which is best prescribed as soon as symptoms are experienced. I have now finished these and haven’t seen any improvement. I still can’t close my eye and am drinking out of a toddler cup to avoid spills!

I have a concern that it isn’t true Bell’s Palsy but actually that the MS has damaged the nerves to my face. My GP phoned and said it’s linked to MS and is often one of the first symptoms. I hadn’t heard this

Any thoughts?


I had bells palsy a few years before i was diagnosed with ms nobody including me saw a connection,it makes sense now. I was lucky my face is totally back to normal i hope yours goes back to normal as well.My gp sent me to hospital thinking it might be a stroke as well . Take care. Joxx

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My step sister had Bells Palsey last year…She lives in America but today was the first time I’ve seen her looking totally back to normal, we speak on FaceTime. It took quite sometime but she is 100% now so I really hope the same applies to you Sarah. Sorry that’s not an awful lot of help is it but I thought you’d like to know that she looks fine now. I wish you all the very best with it, Take care of yourself and Happy New Year, Nina x

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