Bell's Palsy

I woke up on Christmas Eve morning and found I couldn’t drink my glass of orange juice properly without dribbling. Within an hour my eye felt strange and I couldn’t close it properly. I suspected Bell’s Palsy as my dad had it many years ago.

We dialled 111 but couldn’t get through so decided to go to A&E. Here I was admitted to the stroke ward, had a CT scan, blood tests and a visit from an OT. I was a bit worried that they were going to keep me in but thankfully they decided it wasn’t a stroke but Bell’s Palsy.

I have been given a week’s worth of Prednisolone which is best prescribed as soon as symptoms are experienced.

I have a concern that it isn’t true Bell’s Palsy but actually that the MS has damaged the nerves to my face.

Any thought ?


i had bell’s palsy when i was seventeen and again just around the time of my diagnosis.

it soon got back to normal both times although if i’m very tired or very drunk, my face droops a little.

don’t worry because there’s nothing you can do about it.

take a good Vitamin B Complex.

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