Bells pasley

Hi to all, I went to docs on Thursday with server ear pain n soreness He took a look at me and said have you noticed that your mouth has dropped n i said no he looked int ear and said i Have flood in my ear and checked my face so i am on 25mg of predenisone for a week. Which has made my back and hip pain go for once which is a great relive but it has raised my blood sugar to high on my blood glucose and that is with only taking one steroid tablet daily I have been told to take two a day. I feel a lot better on the above med the only thing is it keeps me awake at night which is irritating. Doc said if I get worse I have to go back for review. My ear is still so very sore to say the least. Dolphin-500.

have you been diagnosed with bell’s palsy?

i had it when i was 17 and off work with a heavy cold. my mum was really worried because she thought i’d had a stroke.

i was given thiamine tablets and they did the trick.

thiamine is one of the B vitamins.

it took about 4 weeks to go and i heard loads of quasimodo jokes! because when i laughed i really looked like him.

sounds like your ear is something separate

carole x