Facial nerve palsy

Last week I had vibrating and fluttering in my left ear after getting water in my ear. I visited the GP on Friday and no infection. He looked in my ear and said the ear drum is either flat or facing the wrong way, advised to chew gum and pinch nose/blow out cheeks. Said may take up to 4 weeks to go. My left eyelid was twitching then my mouth started twitching a bit. He said my face looked fine.

Sunday, Monday and today my face feels like the mouth is pulled to the left. I think this is a facial nerve palsy. It looks like I am smiling on my left side.

I have emailed my MS nurse for advice. Has anyone had this before?

hi lenney

i had Bell’s palsy when i was 17. mum thought i’d had a stroke.

fun at the pub though because everybody would tell me quasimodo jokes - when i laughed i looked like him!

had palsy a few years ago, after my diagnosis.

my gp gave me some B vitamins when i first had it.

mine did go away but if i’m tired or drunk, it looks quite bad.

the shape of my eyes has changed and they are not symmetrical.

good job i’m not vain!!!

carole x

Thanks. I went to A&E and the doctor said it may be Bells Palsy triggered by a virus or a facial nerve palsy triggered by MS. He said if it was MS facial nerve palsy it may present slightly different symptoms. He said it might be a bit late to prescribe anti-viral and steroids. I have just phoned 111 to get a second opinion waiting for the call back.

Went to see a GP this morning, she said it looks like Bells Palsy due to a virus so have started taking Aciclovir anti-viral tablets. My left ear drum is slightly inflammed. I might start steroids in a few days if it’s not resolving. She said it still could be my MS though and best to let my neurologist know.