Learning the hard way

I recently had Bells Palsy or facial nerve palsy that lasted for three weeks, now healed. But it took me discussing my symptoms with six different doctors and one nurse!

This included my GP, he said my face was ok but twitching. The full facial palsy began next day and I saw a GP at A&E. He said I was getting near the 72 hour cut off for acyclivor to work. I came home and thought no he’s wrong it was 60 hours at that time point. I phoned 111 spoke to a GP he said I was right and to go back to my GP into the morning.

I went to the GP surgery again for 8am got an appointment. The GP prescribed me 5 days 5 tablets a day of antiviral. I decided not to go for steroids at that point. I phoned 111 a few days later and was advised by nurse may take two to three weeks for my face to improve. Five says later I phoned 111 again asked if I can see a doctor at hospital (out of hours on Sunday). Saw GP and she said the last doctor should have prescribed me 7 days of acyclivor, not 5 days.

I also did a lot of research myself on the web about facial palsy in MS and Bells Palsy.

Anyone else have serious doubt’s about some doctors competence? I know now I have to keep going back for a second and third opinion.

Hello Lenny,

I can’t really give you much advice except keep pushing for the correct treatment. I had Bells Palsy once after I had been to the dentist so I went back to see her and her answer was she must have disturbed a nerve whilst filling a tooth. Luckily for me it cleared up in about a fortnight but I do sympathise with you. So maybe it does have something to do with MS as the nerves as you are well aware plays a large part. Do hope it eases for you very soon.