Being able to weight bear

I have found that I am using my wheelchair more and more in the house. I’ve frightened myself and my hubby as when I fall my head goes right back and hits the floor or wall if that comes first. I’ve fallen a number of times in the last month or so and am considering using my wheelchair all the time in order to avoid injury.
My question is if I do this will I lose the ability to weight bear? I’ve no idea how quickly this would happen but I know it would mean a lot more work for my husband and a loss of independence for me.
Any thoughts please?

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I completely understand your position and safety must always be the prime concern.
To answer your question, muscles will almost certainly waste if not used and it doesn’t take too long to happen. However, a decent physio will be able to suggest a strengthening programme, based on your current abilities. The sit to stand exercise is a good place to start and even just standing will help. Sit to stand | MS Trust

Have you considered a rollator, or walking frame, as a safer option?


Hi is there a specific reason you fall like that? falling backwards must be scary. I have fallen but usually because i wasnt balanced quite right and mostly would fall down.

have you spoken to your MS team about this? perhaps you should be referred to physio or OT to make your home more safe for you?

as Whammel has said can you not use a rollator in the house, i have one i use it all the time, and i can sit on it too, and have a basket underneath.

It would allow you to keep on your feet and have that indpendance.

I am sure its not normal to fall backwards like that and really you should get it checked out if you havent already. xxxx

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Thanks for your replies. I do use a rollator and have done for more than 7 years. I lean heavily on it and have often thought that it’s my arms that are keeping on my feet. I can’t walk far, maybe 10 feet or so to the bathroom but if I’m tired it’s safer to use my chair. When I fall i tend to go down on to my bottom but then my core muscle strength is so poor that I can’t hold myself up and my top half goes backwards and I hit my head.
I probably need to speak to the physios. xx


Using my chair in the house is good it helps with upper body stream then. I used to lean on the kitchen work surfaces to stretch and prove I could. There are wheelchair exercise classes on Utube as well that you might benefit from. I also got referred to neuro rehab and from there to hydrotherapy - it gave me lots more support as I did exercise + reduced fear of falling.:four_leaf_clover:

Until you can get a physio on the case, these core stability exercises from the MS Trust are good. Assuming you can lie on your back in bed, then the first and most basic exercise is all you need do to improve and don’t fuss too much about the others.
Whatever you can manage is an awful lot better than doing nothing.

I hope you get the help you need.