Been in bed so put airflow mattress on again

My mobility is rubbish I am a wheelchair most of the time and I do manage a few steps about ten across the landing on a zimmer frame

Spending time in bed leads to bed sores so I have put the Airflow Mattress back on

Hi, I am at high risk of pressure sores, as I have no mobility at all.

My morning carer checks my skin everyday and if she sees any redness, she puts Sudocreme cream on it. She always slathers cavilon on my bum cheeks to protect them.

She massages body butter into my legs and feet every day.

I spend so much time in one position. Thats why I go to bed early, to stretch out a bit.

Ive tried a few different mattresses. The airflow makes me cold. Im currently using a Bliss one without the airflow.

We do need to look after our skin.


Poll I know what you mean about cold Heather had to get out of her bed

to put another cover over me last night. Then about six o’clock I was so hot

I chucked it all off and one leg out from duvet to cool down.

I have never had bed sores and try and move position as much as possible.