pressure pains again

Afternoon chums!

I posted a while back about pressure pain in my heels in bed.

A district nurse checked my skin and prescribed cavalon barrier cream and silicone heel protectors.

They work…sometimes.

But last night and the night before, the pain was unbearable. I also have an air circulating mattress and profiling bed.

I dunno what else i can do? I`ve tried propping my feet up, so they dont actually touch anything.

nurse came again and advised me to speak to GP, as she thinks it may not be pressure pain, but a blood circulation problem.

Think I`d better see GP.

Anyone got any ideas on this please?

it chuffin urts!

luv Pollx

Sounds nasty Poll,and I’ve got feet so I empathize. 'Praps by altering the sensory input the quality of the pain may change.Sticky tape/masking tape etc in squares,then applied to the area might be worth a go.

The circulation in my lower legs is poo,but by gently playing the warm air from a hairdryer,I can change the pain.I’ve never used the hairdryer on my head,but it does help glue to set,and is handy for drying out the buggy after a drenching

Good luck, Wb x

Hi, it`s interesting what you say about sticky tape. care to explain why?

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, that’s a tough one, only know about cream, gel pads and also sheepskin heel covers. A visit to the Gp is a must I think, hope they improve soon. Love Karen xxx

Hi Poll,

If it should be a circulation problem, something I suffer with, I wear support tights and it helps a great deal. I get them from the gp, not your everyday support tights, as the ones I wear are blinking hard to get on and off. It has stopped the vasculitis that I was suffering with. Just a thought. Good luck.



If the pain is neuropathic,it is caused by sensory input being ‘mangled’ by areas with damage to nerves. By changing the sensory input the sensation of pain changes.There are lots of ways of changing the sensory input,and I’ve even stuck the pads on a TENS machine to the soles of one foot. By 'zapping ’ this foot the pain in the other virtually disappears. Might just be me but I’ll try anything and everything.

Wb x

Hi again, thanks for the replies. Mmm, support tights.they`ll be fun to get on. I know what they are like! With my toileting difficulties, it would be a job and a half to get them down in time!

WB, cheers for the explanation.

I`ll ring GP about it.

luv Pollx

Oh Poll you are a scream the support tights only go as far as your knees!!!



Have you asked the district nurse to get the tissue viability nurse to assess you?

They have special pads the can put under problem areas and attach it to the computer to get an accurate reading of whats happening when lying in bed and sitting in a chair etc. They could also do a dopler test while they are there to check your circulation.

So much better to sort the prevention out rather than dealing with pressure sores.

Hope you can get something effective in place soon.



I thought I was the only one, it drives me mad.

I sleep on the reclining part of my settee.

I have to sleep well proped up anyway, my heels stick over the end so don’t rest on anything.

It works for me.

The biggest problem is when we go away.

I take one of the seating cushions of an armchair and put it under my lower legs so my heels hang over the edge.

I tryed a pillow but found after a short while my legs sank into it and my heels touched.

It seems with me if my heels don’t touch anything I’m ok.

Most people are horrified when I sleep on a recliner but it is extremly comfortable, not very good for your love life but then again nither is MS.

I hope that I have explained it for you clearly, you can always PM me.

I was quite excited when I realised that someone else suffered from it.

That sounds awfull I realy would not wish this on anyone.

Thought of trying the doctor but how do you explain it and the would probably tell me to prop up my legs.

It’s a strange ailment but extremly painful and bl***y anoying.


Hi Poll, i have the same problem, and told i am at serious risk of pressure sores, they gave me some boot things,air cushions in the shape of boots,well i couldnt keep the things on, then they gave me an air cushion,but it doesnt help that much,its so painful,and so annoying,i find the thing that helps the most is to put a pillow under my knees,so they arent touching anything.

Oh I see, they are not actually tights, but sox!

luv Pollx

Hi Pip, thanks for that. Just gonna post on el about the latest…not good!

luv Pollx

Hi Ronin, sorry I didnt get back to you.

I am having a doppler tet on Monday, to see if there is a blood flow problem.

Thanks for your advice. I tried to pm you, but it didnt work…???

luv Pollx