been getting Suzie Singer out

Dont think I`ve mentioned this friend of mine, have I?

As you know, I have several famous folk in my house;

Elvis…when my legs judder

Tina Turner…she helps in loo transfers

Kathy Kirby…she lifts my wheelie up kerbs

Willie Wonka…that`s my wheelie

Popyes Pipe........thats gonna be the name for my spc

and finally…

Suzie Singer…she`s my sewing machine.

Been altering some tops, in readiness for Popye`s arrival.

I bought some cheap polyster fabric, in a black/grey/white pattern and cut straight up the centre of 2 tops which were straight-ish. Then inserted a v shaped piece of the fabric and finished the whole thing off with a 3 inch matching hem.

They look and wear great. I`ll be able to hide Popye in there alright!

luv Pollx

You are better than I poll. I wouldn’t know where to start. Note to self reteach myself how to use a sewing machine, and knit!!!

You clever girl Poll, I would not have a clue where to start.

Pam x

You knw, I surprised myself when thinking of buying a sewing machine.

As my legs dont work, I thought I couldn`t operate an electric machine, so searched for a manual one…no good.

But decided to try an electric and use one had to guide the fabric through the needle and use the other hand to operate the foot pedal on the table!

It worked a treat. So dont be put off buying electric if your feet/legs are us, but both hands work.

luv Poll.

ps just on one with a loose top from scratch now.