Big Shot (not MS)

Hi gang, this is summat totally different...looking for those in the know!

On QVC last night, I saw a fab bit of kit to help me improve my quilting efforts.

It`s called the Sizzix Big Shot........a fabric cutter and it had 5 dies with it for £110. Thought it was expensive, but now realise it was a great deal. They sold out very quickly, before i had chance to get slung up and hoisted out of bed, into my wheelie and then get the payment card out of my bag!

Been looking on line. i can get the machine easily enough BUT no-one sells the right dies.

Any quilters out there got any advice, please?

luv Pollx

You can pick up the machine for cheap enough. Don’t know bout the dies though ( google maybe?)
I have a cuttlebug and a grand caliber , if you have limited strength they can be difficult to crank through. Tim holtz does ,actually you can get electric die cutters Sizzix do a leccy big shot
Not a quilter just a crafter :slight_smile:
They’re pricey :0