Bedtime story.


It’s not often I post three times in one week but I thought you might appreciate this. The night time routine with our daughter Rose always ends with a bedtime story or two with Daddy. Last night was no exception. Except that the constant sleepless nights had a rather significant effect. I began reading “Icky Little Duckling” as normal before becoming aware of waiting for someone. There was a garden path involved. Someone was calling my name. Then Rose prodded me.

“Daddy wake up,” she said. It’s not so much the irony of the storyteller nodding off in mid-sentence, nor even the fact that I was struggling to stay awake. It was the instant switch to the day dream. It only happened another three or four times. By the time my wife woke me, Rose had gone to bed and I was presented with a whisky.

Have a good weekend, Steve.


Steve I’ve nodded off while having a conversation before today. The joys of fatigue and brain fog (or morphine in a few cases). At least your wife wakes you up, my daughter just goes to bed knowing I’ll move when I’m cold!! I remember the days of bedtime stories, are you lucky enough to be able to read new ones? I mostly ended up with one of two or three which I could recite as I read them so often. And she knew if I got a word wrong or skipped a sentence.

Enjoy it while it lasts. To my horror I got presented with the Harry Potter collection at one stage with her expecting me to read a book a night. Needless to say it didn’t happen like that, she learned to read so she could finish the series, and can now recite still of them.

Take care

Cath x

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I love your stories too

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And it’s not just at bedtime … And it’s not just MS …
If it is neurological, then the medication can have this sort of disturbing effect.

My wife (Parkinsons) went through a period of falling asleep “just like that”.
The time that scared me was when she fell asleep in mid sentence at the dinner table.
No warning, the words just stopped dead.

So far (touches wood frantically) it has not happened to me - yet.


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