Bedroom design

I’ve had MS for 25 years. Recently started using a wheelchair and am having a ramp put in. Also moving to my own bedroom so my wife and I will not wake each other up. So I get to design and choose.
If you could put one thing in your bedroom what would it be ?
Already planning a lift, electric blinds and voice control lights. What would you do or what have you done?

Definitely an adjustable bed, the one with multiple settings so the legs can be raised, or adjusted so the head is raised and the knees are raised a bit like they do in the MRI scanner, to make it more comfortable.


As TheresaB says an adjustable bed but I would add to have space between the bottom of the bed and the floor to allow access for a manual hoist.

Enough space to get the wheelchair in the room and alongside the bed.

Suitable flooring for easy wheelchair access.

Plenty of power points.

Good luck


We’re all different and have different needs.

My upper body is fine but lower back down is in serious decline. Now need a frame to help me stand first thing in the morning but OK with a stick after that plus a rollator & electric chair for longer distances out. Can still use stairs with plenty of use of the handrails. How about you? Can you walk at all or needing full transfer now?

For me, a rope or trapeze over the bed would be handy to pull myself up. We’re in the process of changing our bed and decided to have an ordinary bed. I don’t want to sit in bed - either sleep or get up. Am able to get myself to loo too (or stand to use bottle bedside). Are you? We’ve chosen a standard bed but with reinforced edges because of the amount of time I spend sat on the edge of the bed - which is bad for the bed!

A few more handrails around the place wouldn’t go amiss either. We’re also planning to convert our ensuite into a wet room with a mobile shower chair rather than a fixed or drop-down seat. How are you fixed for washing?


Thanks for your thoughts. I’m going to use the existing bed until I need to upgrade. A ladder to help me sit up is a good idea. I can walk a few steps so I’m looking at metal framed draws which I can screw to the wall and use as disguised hand rails.

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Hello John @BJ1
I’ve been sleeping on a sofa bed in the sitting room, ever since returning from hospital, after a hemorrhagic stroke in 2019; not ideal but it’s probably safer for me remain downstairs.
Also as my heat intolerance is quite extreme sometimes, especially if I have a temperature/fever and I can barely move, my one thing would be a bedside medicine cabinet for paracetamol/ibuprofen as it’s quite useful.
Thanks for sharing your ideal home design.

A must for me is a fan, I have one with a remote control (dyson) so don’t have to get out of bed to switch on/off or adjust power or direction

A proper wall-mounted air-con unit. The modern ones can heat as well as cool and probably do the former more efficiently than your existing heating system. Life-saver in hot weather, and we’re likely to be getting more of that. (Yes, I know part of the reason for that is folks getting air conditioning, but we do have a pretty good excuse.)

I’ve gat a fan and a Alexa controlled plug and a small heater which I can switch in depending on the weather. Air conditioning sounds a bit too much but I may regret that.
Drugs in easy reach of the bed is a given now you mention it.

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