Adjustable bed with Cyclo-Therapy


We are looking for a new bed and my OT suggested we get an adjustable one.

After looking at adjustable beds in some general furniture shops we were totally confused with everyone suggesting different things.

Then someone suggested a specialist company. They sell high quality adjustable beds with the option of Cyclo Therapy - a form of massage - incorporated in the bed.

Do any of you have any experience of this? Is it beneficial to MS symptoms? The beds with Cyclo Therapy are very expensive but we would be willing to consider one if it was likely to help.

Otherwise, does anyone have any tips on buying an adjustable bed in general?


Hello Sian, this may be useful -

Thank you - I’ll have a closer look at these tonight - there’s quite a variety - it’s all very confusing!

Anyone know of someone who has a massaging bed?

Why does everything cost so much?

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sometimes it feels like MS or disability is a hobby or a lifestyle choice and therefore something to be exploited.

That is my cynical comment… However

It is probably due to being a small niche market with high value specialist products supported in the US by insurance companies.


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