Your dream home

I was wondering what would be your dream home if money were not object, in terms of making living with MS as easy as possible…

I’d love a spacious house with large doorways to each room so that wheelchair movement is easy, room for guests (family friend visits). Network wiring to all rooms so that smart devices can be used throughout (I have a Nest thermostat and it’s so convenient being able to deal with the heating from my phone, would love the same on other stuff such as lights, smoke alarms etc. so I can do stuff around the house without relying on my wife). Motorised chairs in the living room, a bed with motorised lifting (ala hospital bed), to get in and out on my own while I can. Spacious wet room obviously, w/ waterproof wheelchair. Hoists near wet room, bed and living area for transfers to common areas. Ramps for getting in and out of the house. A lift so that I can transfer between floors and an annex so that we could use a live in carer when my wife needs a break. A garage to store mobility scooter (and a hoist for that too). And if I’m being really unrealistic a gym with some physio aiding exercise machines (AlterG treadmill for example).

All of this while it being done that doesn’t obstruct use of the house for my wife and kids, so that they live with me, not around me (therefore can’t be in the middle of nowhere as need schools and access to amenities).

Ah well, too bad I’m not a millionaire… a man can dream right.

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good dream and i hope it comes true for you!

carole x

New builds have to be wheelchair friendly now - but it is very difficult to change an existing houses doorways. We had to build on an extension that enabled me to get around kitchen/utility/ living/dining area/wet room.Safely- With double doors going out onto a large decked area with ramps. And if needed - l have a room [was the garage] that l could use as a bedroom if needed. lt works well -took all of our savings - pension fund to do - but we are left with a lot of house we now do not use. We should have taken the plunge and knocked down and rebuilt the house. lf would not have been more costly- as with a new build - no VAT to pay. And we would have not ended up with a house that is now far too big. Well, now my daughter has left home - and we are much older we do find it too big.

lf we ever needed someone living in to help us in our dotage - then we do have the room - so that is an advantage.

We have moved into a new build self contained flat 6 weeks ago and its the best thing we have done.We have no steps. I am not in a wheelchair but if I do need one we have wide doors the sockets and light switches are at the right height. We have a shower and the bathroom door opens outwards. We bought the flat 2 years ago off plan and it has been really stressful sellingour old house and moving into rented accommodation until this flat was ready but it has all been worth it. I feel really lucky.

Mags xx

Ps still waiting for broadband so had to write this on my phone. Not the easiest thing to do.

beware the bedroom tax

but enjoy your adapted house!

carole x

Oddly, this is not something I really think about? Am I weird?

My existing home is far from anybody’s dream home - disabled or not. It’s just an average semi, badly in need of sprucing up.

But I have absolutely no imagination, when it comes to my “ideal” house. I guess I must just not be very interested in that kind of thing.

If I suddenly won the Euromillions (I’d have to enter first), I might move, but still don’t think I’d buy a mansion or a castle.

I’m someone who can’t think of what I want for my birthday, let alone what to do with a lottery win. Is that strange?



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I would want all you’ve mentioned and a body dryer as I can’t dry myself properly. Also I’d like fantastic views across a bay to cheer me up on my rubbish days

No interior walls or doorways…all ours show many dings, dents and scrapes from me in my whhelie and chuffin big feet!


Your dream home sounds wonderful Reddevilade. I live in a two bed bungalow and I miss the space my three bed house gave me. In an ideal world I’d have a three bed bungalow with a large open plan kitchen diner leading into the garden which would have a spacious patio and astro turf on the garden. I’d have a large wet room/shower room with a bath. At the present time I don’t need hoists and I manage without a wheelchair most of the time so I’ll keep money in the budget for further works if needed.

Tonka I don’t know your position re MS but I use a towelling dressing gown after a bath or shower, it dries me off without the hassle of using a cumbersome towel. I’ve also stopped using large bath towels and only use hand towels for hair drying it’s so much easier.

Jan x

This sounds mad,but right now im so chuffed with mine,hubbie & son have just put a loo downstairs, wasn’t expensive fpr us,both in building trade! I know Im lucky having trades on site,so to speak!!! gives me a few more years here I hope! Lovely description of all your homes,downstairs loo will do for me right now!!! oh the simple pleasures Tracey xx