Bed rails

I have a hospital profiling bed. I get hot flushes most nights and find placing my wrists on the cold rails helps a bit.

Now with the hot weather, even the metal rails are warm!


Plumb the rails into your rising main and leave the taps on overnight.

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the ensuing flood will cool you down!

(Really AD)

I use chillow,s

Have an expensive genuine Chillow p!us a cheap gel type chill mat both just as good :slight_smile:


Chillow & cheapo sound like a great solution. If the work really well, I might buy something like that. I’ve considered a portable air con unit but hubby says they’re a fortune to run.

AB, have you tried to fasten ice cubes around the bed rail… by the time the last one has been do ne, the first dozen had usually melted :-))

Chrissie xx

Hi Chrissie

You would have to be mad to tie ice-cubes to a bed frame.

Oh well, here goes.


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Second thoughts - this might raise her body temp. So send him to me.

do you mean a fanny fanner? we`ll see if the mods let me get away with that one!



I don’t think they work at the weekend so you’ll probably get away with the naughtiest remark of the year!

See you at the awards ceremony.




I know this sounds daft, but I used to be ill a lot as a child and have night sweats that would soak the bed. The only thing that used to help me feel better, cool me down and sooth me, was that she had a large brass candlestick and she used to lay this across my forehead. It was always cool, it used to make me feel much better. They are always cold.