Beach access, Playa Blanca, Lanz

Hi. I’m trying to get find something suitable to go on my brothers walking sticks to help stability so that he can go on the beaches whilst on holiday. Can anyone advise if there is anything in the UK as the only ones I can find are “sand pads” in the US or NZ and postage really bumps up the price.

Alternatively, does anyone know if there are any disability beach wheelchairs in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote.

Thank you!


Hi Helen, this question might be better posted in the daily living section of the forum as there are many more people on there. I for one wouldn’t have a clue about these, sorry.

Cath x

Try a Google search for “ferrule sand uk” and you will find some special ferrules for sticks and crutches which are supposed to help with sand gravel or other uneven surfaces. This is an example This is not quite the same as the sand pads but, TBH, i haven’t been able to look through all the links that came up.

I use 2 crutches and go onto the beach quite frequently (was there yesterday) and I find that I manage on my unadapted crutches with no problem.

Hi Cath

Thanks for that, I was thinking the same just this morning as I realised my error…


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Hi Boblatina

Thank you so much for this! They’re much more reasonable than the sand pads and I think they’ll give just that extra bit of support to my brother that he needs.


The tri support cane tips from the company that Boblatina mentions work well on sand. I got the exact same things for a holiday to Playa del Carmen last year and they worked a treat! The only problem I had was the sand was very hot and walking over it barefoot at a snails pace was quite painful. Aqua shoes are now on my holiday list!